-J.R. Ackerley

The Mission of PAWSitive Partners is to provide Medical Alert and Assistance dogs for those with emotional and physical disabilites. At PAWsitive Partners, our goal is to reduce the need for caregivers and allow our recipients to gain greater independence through the companionship and assistance our dogs provide. All PAWsitive Partners dogs  are rescued through shelters or acquired through owner surrender. We also contribute to surrounding communities through providing outstanding Therapy Dog teams available to children and adults alike. Beyond providing our Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs, we strive to educate the public on the laws and benefits regarding Service Dogs. 
A dog has one aim in life...
                      to bestow his heart.
Contact Us At: pawsitivepartners@gmail.com or (214)755-8486
PAWSitive Partners receives our dogs in training through rescues/shelters and owner surrenders. 

PAWSitive Partners trains dogs for Mobility Assist, Autism, Diabetic Alert, Allergy Alert, Seizure Alert and Emotional Support. 

We currently are training one of our dogs, Hero, to assist with Pulmonary Hypertension. Hope, a 7yr old little girl, requires oxygen 24/7 and is tethered to her Oxygen tank. The tank is extremely heavy and there must always be someone with her. In comes Hero !! - Hero will wear a specialized vest and carry her Oxygen tanks. This will enable Hope to become more independent and play on the playground like all the rest of the kids....with the exception...SHE is the one with the COOL DOG!! 
We are still accepting donations for Hero's training and will hopefully have Hero at Hope's side by the end of November! Check out her Hope's Hero FB page! Also, there is a donation site set up on LaSalle Shops FB page. Her community has really pulled together to help this special girl!!!!!

We have SEVERAL more applicants needing your help! Upon approval, their stories will be added here with links to donate for their training. Sponsorships available and welcomed!

We are volunteer based and EVERY dollar counts! Also, please visit Rescue2Rehab's website for adoptable dogs and donations! www.rescue2rehab.org

See ya around the metroplex! Stop and say hi!

And by ALL means, pass the word for fosters and volunteers! We need everything from Foster/Trainers, Weekend Fosters for our dogs in training, and ANY and ALL admin work! 

Thanks for stopping in !!! 

This is MICKEY! We joined togehter with www.rescue2rehab.org and brought Mickey to Texas from California. He is an elder German Shepherd who is almost completely blind. The trip was WELL worth it because this guy didn't stand a chance and he now has a wonderful home!!!

He has become the Ambassador for Rescue2Rehab! Welcome Mick!!!! We love this BIG beautiful boy!